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Do you have an old photograph that you believe is beyond repair? Is it torn? Water damaged? Cracked? Faded?

If you'd like a second opinion, bring your too-far-gone photograph to me. I'd love to take a look at it and give you an honest estimation of what can be done. You might be surprised at what modern, computer technology can do.

Yes, restoring old photographs is yet another passion of mine. I love to take a picture that was shot 80 years ago and make it look like it yesterday. In fact, I've attended seminars and taken entire collegiate-level courses on the single subject of restoration.

One of the reasons I love it so much is because it really affects people. I love to see their face when I reveal the "magic" of turning a once-lost photo into a newly restored memory. It's a win-win for everybody involved.

When it comes to repair and restoration, there's really no way to estimate a cost without seeing the photo first. So, if you have a picture, or group of pictures, that you'd like restored, please call me to establish a mutually convenient time for us to meet and review the pictures together. My hourly rate for restoration is $45. Once I see, touch and feel the original photos you'd like restored, I'll be able to give you my best estimate. I look forward to helping you bring your old memories back to life.

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Before Restoration

After Restoration
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